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Venue and Times for Training

Kobudokai Australia hold full public liability and professional indemnity insurance through SportsCover Australia.

We operate on a non-commercial (non-profit) basis with membership/insurance and training fee schedules that are intended to cover costs only, like venue hire and liability insurance.

Within our Koryu dojo the Instructor does not earn any money whatsoever from students, therefore is under no obligation to accept and take on just any new student, and the tremendous commitment in terms of time, dedication and sacrifice that goes along with that undertaking, both personally and in terms of the existing group.

Unlike Gendai budo (modern budo), in Koryu the primary concern is for the ryu, its continuation, and the group, not the individual and their own need or desire from training. Meaning, in our Koryu dojo we care more about what you can do for the ryu and moreover ultimately contribute back to the group in the future.

Additionally, we're a dedicated weapons-based dojo committed to training 3 times per week and also have an expectation that accepted students should ideally be willing to undertake a similar commitment to attend the majority of classes, with a minimum requirement of 2 per week.

A non-committal probationary period applies to all new potential dojo students (Dojosei) before possible consideration and acceptance, and our dojo currently has a full membership limit of eight (8) persons only.

Regardless of previous martial arts experience or none, you're welcome to come and watch a class, with prior arrangements, as the starting point for training in Japanese Koryu.

However, we do recommend that you begin, first and foremost, by edifying yourself on Koryu given the serious commitment to the length of time necessary to undertake a serious study of the ryu. The best place to start are the various articles on Koryu.com's website (click link here), and then if you're further interested please inquire with us.

Of course, if you're an overseas or interstate Shinto Muso-ryu practitioner visiting Brisbane you're very welcome to come and train with us, just contact us beforehand so we're able to make some arrangements to accommodate you.

Finally, if you wish to learn the kenjutsu of Niten Ichi-ryu (Itto, Kodachi & Nito), that is taught privately within our Dojo, then you must first be an accepted Dojosei.

All classes are led by a mokuroku instructor of the late Ishida Hiroaki shihan, a menkyo-kaiden of Nishioka Tsuneo shihan.


Holland Park
Tuesday &
Thursday 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Sunday 3:00pm - 4:30pm

St Davids Hall
855 Logan Road
Holland Park

CLOTHING - Hakama & Keikogi jacket are the normal training uniform but any loose, comfortable clothing in the beginning is suitable. All equipment is also provided to start.

Annual Membership/Insurance $70.00
Class Training Fees - $8

Contact: Greg: greg(at)jojutsu.com


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